Thinking about volunteering to join the Northshore SES unit? Well read on….

  • We train EVERY WEEK on a Wednesday evening, typically between 1930hrs and 2230hrs. However we also sometimes start earlier (exercises) and we sometimes finish later.
  • In addition to weekly training, there is a requirement to give up some weekends for courses. There are some course that just cannot be run on a Wednesday night.
  • By applying to join Northshore SES you are confirming you ability to commit to attending training, week in, week out (75% rule per annum). DSC_0070
  • Remember that SES volunteers typically head out into the wind and the rain and the cold as everyone else is battening down for the night.
  • If the thought of being called at 3am on a Monday morning to go and climb on a strangers roof in the pouring rain does not excite you, then the SES may not be for you.

The biggest reason that people ‘drop-out’ from the SES is because they underestimate the time that is required to remain an operational member.  On top of training, and on top of weekend courses, in agreeing to become an SES volunteer you are also agreeing to attending as many callouts as possible or as may be required under any particular circumstance.

We don’t want to scare anyone off, but please be aware that being an SES volunteer requires commitment everyone (from you and all of us) in order for the unit to survive.  We know that we expect a lot from our volunteers but we also give a lot back to them.

To give you more of an idea of what being a volunteer at Northshore SES is all about, please read the job description below (PDF). If you decide that you want to find out more then please use the form on the “Join Us” page to register for the next information night, where you will be able to ask as many questions as you like, meet some of our volunteers, have a tour of the unit, and find out exactly what is involved in being a part of the SES.

Northshore Member JDF