WOW Day 2017

WOW Day 2017

May 10th is here again, and what better way to show your support to the 40,000 SES volunteers across Australia, than by wearing something orange to work.

Wear Orange to Work (WOW) day is an opportunity to say thank you to the thousands of men and women that make up the State Emergency Service (SES).  These exceptional members of society give up their time day and night, to assist ordinary Australians during times of  crisis. So take this opportunity, and wear something orange today, and say ‘Thank You’ to our amazing Angels in Orange!

The SES consists of thousands of ‘unpaid’ volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and professions who respond to emergencies and disasters across Australia, 24/7. They are trained and equipped to help their communities across a range of functions, and their primary purpose is to assist the most vulnerable members of the community.

When natural disaster strikes or emergency situations arise, SES volunteers are ready to assist the community with a wide range of services. This can involve emergency repairs to buildings, removing fallen trees, ferrying cargo and passengers in flood waters, and assisting with air search observations, land search, flood water rescue and cliff rescue.

In remote areas where Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) is unavailable, State Emergency Service volunteers are also responsible for Road Crash Rescue. 

Did you know that approximately 95% of all emergency responders in Australia, are volunteers! That is worth a WOW on its own!