New Record

New Record

It has been a few years since an event, or a sequence of events, has led to a new record being set @ Northshore SES in relation to callout numbers.

However last Monday, the drought was broken, with 4 totally separate callouts in 4 hours, something that we are certain has never occurred previously.

Local Manager Northshore SES explained how events unfolded:

  • It all started at about 5pm with a request for our bus to carry out a crew-change, picking up fire-fighters from Daglish and taking them to Rockingham.
  • Then, at about 5.30pm, our 2nd bus was required to carry out another crew-change in relation to a bushfire in Joondalup.
  • At 6.10pm the 3rd callout came through, this time to provide a search team to assist as part of a missing persons search in Two-Rocks.
  • And then, at about 9.30pm we were called out to another missing person search, in Claremont.

“It is worthwhile noting that we managed to turn out crews to all four separate incidents” Nick said.  “Whilst it might have been a new record for us, in reality it is just another fabulous example of our volunteers doing what they do best, and helping out wherever and whenever they are able”.