Fresh Faces for 2018

Fresh Faces for 2018

After languishing up to 12 months on a waiting list, dodging multiple bullets as part of the gruelling 3 stage selection process, and having now successfully completed the ‘SES Induction’ course, 12 new members were officially welcomed to the Northshore SES unit this week, with the 2018 intake and induction coming to a close. 

From an initial waitlist of 50, the lucky 12 successfully negotiated the various selection hurdles, impressing the final selection panel enough to be offered a place at the Mounth Hawthorn based unit.

Local Manager Northshore SES Nick Elliott said that getting to wear the infamous SES orange overalls at the Mount Hawthorn unit was no mean feat. “We set some pretty high standards in relation to new members, and the assessment process begins as soon as the potential volunteer makes contact with us. For these 12 to become probationary members this evening is absolute testament to their efforts and determination over the last couple of months”. 

The Northshore SES unit only holds one intake per year, and for a variety or reasons caps membership numbers at approximately 60. All potential new members are required to make contact via the Northshore SES website, after which they are placed on the waitlist. 

Northsore’s primary area of responsibility covers 9 local government areas, being the Cities of Perth, Vincent, Subiaco and Nedlands, the Towns of Cambridge, Claremont, Cottesloe and Mosman Park, and the Shire of Peppermint Grove.