2023 Intake Closes

2023 Intake Closes

**2024 waitlist now in operation**

There has been a flurry of activity at the Northshore SES unit over the last few months, with the 2023 intake now completed.

Local Manager Northshore SES Nick Elliott said that the standards had been lifted again this year, with some exceptional candidates being invited to attend the information night. “Every year I am blown away by the levels of enthusiasm demonstrated during the application process, and this year has been no different”.

Due to the units high volunteer retention rate, new member intakes at Northshore SES are typically only held once a year. 2023 has however been a year of change, with two intakes having occurred.

The intake process is split into three phases, starting with the compulsory information night which offers a brief but honest insight into the life of an SES volunteer. No applications for membership are accepted during this 1st phase.

Phase 2 is the application phase, with all applicants being required to attend a brief face to face chat. This gives all parties a final opportunity to raise any questions that they may have.

Phase 3, the final stage, is where all the applications are reviewed by a panel of senior leaders and the management team. All applications are assessed on their individual merits, before the applications are rassessed.

Please note that current membership levels (at the time of the information night) will specifically dictate the numbers of places available and the number of places offered. 

Waitlist for the 2024 intake in now in place.