All SES vehicles (unless specifically identified differently below) are initially purchased by DFES and fitted out as part of the DFES build program. Once completed, the vehicles are handed over to local government and ownership is transferred. The vehicles are then maintained by the respective SES units (the local governments) under LGGS funding.

As at February 2023, the Northshore SES unit holds the following vehicles:

Call sign Northshore 01 – Isuzu NQR 450 Dual Cab (7 seater) Truck, with Storm / General Rescue Pod on the back.

Call sign Northshore 02 – Toyota Landcruiser V8 Turbo Diesel 6 Seater Personnel Carrier

Call sign Northshore 03 – Toyota Hilux 150 Series 4×4 Turbo Diesel 4×4 Dual Cab Pick Up (Unit owned vehicle)

Call sign Northshore 04 – Toyota Landcruiser V8 Turbo Diesel 11 Seater Personnel Carrier, GVM upgraded to 3900kgs

Call sign Northshore 05 – Toyota Hiace 14 Seater Commuter Bus (WASES VA owned vehicle)

Call sign Northshore ATU – John Deere Gator 825 GAS XUV + Trailer

Call sign Northshore GR Trailer – Custom Build General Rescue Trailer

Photographs of all the above Northshore vehicles can be found in the Vehicles Gallery on this website.



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